Why Should I Stay in a Hotel?

IMG_4763Where you stay can make or break your vacation.  We once stayed in a hotel in NYC that came with earplugs on the nightstand because it was in such a loud neighborhood. The first decision is should you stay at a hotel, all-inclusive, or rent a place.  Let’s start by breaking down the reasons why you should or should not stay in a hotel:


NO COOKING: YES!!! Cheers break out from moms everywhere!! Even on vacation moms do not get a vacation from being a mom.  The advantage of having a hotel room is you can’t cook…not even if you wanted to! Don’t get tricked into getting a room with a kitchenette or you may as well put your apron on.

HOUSEKEEPING: A week of not making beds or vacuuming sounds like heaven to me.  Leave those housekeepers a big fat tip because they deserve it.


Narrowing Down My Choices

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Let’s say I’ve decided on an island vacation for my family. Now what? There are still lots of places I could go. This is where it takes some investigation. I am a visual person so I like to see the beauty of the different islands. I like to go to sites such as Pinterest and Google Images and I ooohhh and aaahhh over all of the gorgeous beaches and landscapes. After a while I can usually narrow it down to a few islands that I think would be fun. That’s where the questions come in again. Which island is right for our family?


Planning Your Family Vacation

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One of the hardest parts of planning a trip is deciding where you want to go. Let’s face it, this is a make it or break it decision. Sometimes the “Wouldn’t it be cool…” vacations do not end up being the right fit for your family. Or a vacation that the Smith family loved ends up being the worst possible vacation for yours. With such small amounts of travel time we allow ourselves and the fact that no trees around my house are sprouting money, each vacation has to count.

So you know you want to take a trip and you know you want to take it at a certain time, now where do you even begin to start the planning process?  It’s all in the questions…