A Drive on the Kancamagus Highway

New England is all about nature and simple pleasures.  The Kancamagus Highway (known to locals as ‘The Kanc’) is a gorgeous scenic drive along Rt 112 in New Hampshire and people flock to this road, especially in summer and fall.  The 35-mile drive will take you from Conway to Lincoln through beautiful spots that will draw you out of your car to take pictures.  The word “highway” is misleading since it is more of a 2-lane road that winds back and forth next to a river bed, with mountains surrounding it and trees creating a canopy above you. 

Here are some highlights of the drive:


10 Tips for Taking Kids to Farmers Markets

Farmer’s markets are something my family waits all winter for.  For us, these markets scream SUMMER and all the yummy treats that go with it.  It’s a great family activity and a good way to teach your kids about the importance of good nutrition.  The following are 10 tips for taking kids to farmer’s markets:


Maple Express at Charmingfare Farms


When you think of March in New Hampshire, the first thing that comes to mind is maple syrup!!  In fact, the New Hampshire maple industry produces close to 90,000 gallons of maple syrup annually.  However, this phenomenon of Mother Nature is dictated by weather, not calendar.  It is the freezing nights and warm days that make sap flow, so it can begin in late February and run into early April.  The magic is that no one can predict what the season will bring.  Charmingfare Farms, in Candia, NH, offers a fun way for your family to experience sugaring on a working farm.  This farm has been a favorite spot for my family since our kids were young, but we had never done the Maple Express.  It was such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon and I would strongly recommend taking this tour.  Let me show you how we spent our day.


Finding the Fun in Winter



Since we’re about to have the first major snowstorm of the season, I thought I’d repost this from last year.  Enjoy!

Before I had kids, winter meant long months of counting down the days until spring.  Then these 2 little winter loving girls were born.   All of the sudden winter turned into months of being…dare I say it…outside!  Yeah…outside…in cold, wet snow for hours at a time.  All of these new items suddenly appeared in my house like hand warmers and sleds.  Snow pants somehow crept their way into my wardrobe.  So that’s when I decided to give in and try to find out what the heck people do in winter.  After all, I live in New England so I may as well join these snow-lovers! No one was as shocked as myself to discover I actually have fun outside.  With the right clothes and toys I found so many things I loved to do out there.  Here are some of my favorites:


Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk- Boston


(In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…)

When I was 5 and my brother 7, we lost our mother to ovarian cancer.  That changed my life forever.  Three years ago my daughters were just about to turn 5 and 7 and I knew I had to contribute some way to raising awareness about cancer (all cancers) and help with fundraising for research.  When I decided to do the Susan G Komen 3 -Day walk in Boston I never knew how much it would change me. 


Castle in the Clouds


New Hampshire has many special places to view the colorful change of foliage.  At Castle in the Clouds, in Moultonborough, you will be transported back to the early 1900’s to the home of Thomas Plant.  However, do not rush straight up to the castle, take your time and make a few stops along the way. 

What is the first stop? Well…


10 Tips for Taking Kids to the Fair


1.     HOW MANY RIDES WILL YOU DO? Decide before you get in there on how many rides you are going to allow them to go on.  Some fairs have unlimited rides but others require individual tickets and that can cost a fortune.

2.    MINIMUM HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: Nothing is worse than having your kid wait in line only to find out they are an inch too short to ride.  Save the tears and have them check the height requirement first.


Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife Park mytravelingkids.com

This August my girls and I went on a girls’ getaway trip to Freeport, Maine. Since the three of us are animal lovers, we decided to drive a half hour away to Gray, Maine to visit the Maine Wildlife Park.  It ended up being one of the most memorable days of the summer thanks to the hospitality of their staff.  We were able to first enjoy the park on our own and were then given a behind-the-scenes tour to get up close to some of our favorite animals.  Little did we know how close.


Heritage Museums and Gardens, Cape Cod

Heritage Museums and Gardens mytravelingkids.com

When I go to Cape Cod, it is all about relaxing and recharging.  I love all the beautiful beaches and taking long walks while shopping in downtown areas.  When I travel I like to take in the culture of my destination and Heritage Museum and Gardens, located in Sandwich, is the perfect place to experience classic Cape Cod.  There is something for everyone here and a lovely way to spend half a day.  Let me tell you about my day at this unique spot.


Winter Day in Boston




Boston is a great city for families every season, but in winter it’s sometimes hard finding things to do that will take up an entire day.  There needs to be a good mix of indoor activities along with some outdoor play.  Here is an itinerary for a great winter day in Boston: