How to Feel at Home while Traveling


One reason people sometimes give about why they don’t like to travel is because they hate the feeling of being away from home.  Traveling is about the unknown, and that makes some people uncomfortable.  The trick is to bring a piece of home to you…wherever you are.  Here are 10 tips that may help you cure your cause of homesickness:

1.     STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE.  If you work out every morning then you should head to the fitness room.  If you have a bedtime ritual, don’t’ let being in a hotel stop you.  Bring your face wash and makeup removal, read a book, and make some of your favorite herbal tea.


Being Prepared for Sick Kids on Vacation


I’ll never forget our nightmare eventful first morning on our trip to Turks and Caicos.  I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and waves crashing as I rolled over and wrapped myself up in our fluffy down comforter.  Oh, and did I mention it was a white comforter? When suddenly I noticed my sleepy five-year-old standing by my side lean over and throw up all over our bed. Perfect start to our vacation!

You can’t prevent your kids from being sick or getting hurt, but you can be prepared for these vacation hiccups by packing a few supplies.  We’ve seen it all…pneumonia in the Turks, ear infection in Florida, stomach bug in St. Lucia, sliced chin in Grand Cayman, jellyfish sting in Santorini, and countless sunburns.  (Holy cow…we’ve had some really bad luck!)  I’ve learned to pack for many “what if” situations.  Here’s what I always carry on vacation for these occasions:


Itinerary for a Week in Bermuda with Kids

Bermuda is a gorgeous island and an ideal location from Boston and NY.  Quaint downtown areas and white sandy beaches make it a lovely family vacation.  Our trip was a Mother’s Day gift and we loved soaking up the sun! Here is our itinerary for 5 full days in the sun:


I always spend the first full day enjoying my hotel and spending time in the sun and sand with my family.  Enjoy the pool and the beach and soak up all the sunshine!

If you feel like stretching your legs with an easy stroll with gorgeous views, try the Bermuda Railway Trail.  There are 21 miles to walk on this path so choose a section and enjoy.  (Click here for a link to the trail)

Dinner:  Wahoo’s Waterside Bistro (St. George’s)          


10 Tips for Taking Kids to Farmers Markets

Farmer’s markets are something my family waits all winter for.  For us, these markets scream SUMMER and all the yummy treats that go with it.  It’s a great family activity and a good way to teach your kids about the importance of good nutrition.  The following are 10 tips for taking kids to farmer’s markets:


10 Ways to Survive a Layover with Kids

The days of long layovers where you sit back, enjoy a latte, and lose yourself in a good book seem to disappear after you have kids.  Layovers are a lot more work when you now have to entertain little ones.  In fact, after having kids I try to avoid layovers as much as possible, but sometimes they can’t be avoided.  Here are 10 tips for how I survive a layover:


10 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Your Next Trip

I start to get giddy from the second I begin planning a trip and the closer it get the more excited I get.  However, it sometimes takes a bit of nudging to get the kids to show a little enthusiasm.  The following are some ways I get my kids excited about our next trip:


10 Tips for Staying in Hotels with Kids


Staying in a hotel can be a really fun experience, however when traveling with kids it can also get a bit tricky.  I put a lot more thought into travel when my kids are with me because I know they require some extra thought.  Here are 10 tips for staying in a hotel with kids:


15 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Who doesn’t like to save money when possible? Traveling can be expensive, but with a bit of strategizing you can bring down the cost.  Try these 15 tips on your next vacation and your wallet will thank you.


10 Tips for Taking Kids to Indoor Water Parks

10 Tips for Taking Kids to Indoor Water Parks


Indoor water parks are a family destination unlike any other.  They can be so different and families may avoid them because of all the quirks that go along with them.  We’ve been on both ends… extremely clean parks and parks where we’ve had to leave the water after 10 minutes because someone pooped in the pool. (Ugh…that’s one trip we won’t forget!) Preparation may be the key to a good experience.  Here are 10 tips for taking your family to an indoor water park:


10 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe While Traveling


Vacation is a time for relaxation and tranquility, but it’s human nature to worry about the house you left behind.  A home is a huge responsibility and you want to keep it safe even when you are away.  The following are 10 tips for keeping your home safe while traveling:

1.     ASK SOMEONE TO WATCH YOUR HOUSE.  Personally, I don’t feel the need to hire a house sitter for a short trip.  My house is able to take care of itself.  However, I do let my neighbors know that I’ll be away so they can keep an eye on anything suspicious.  It’s nice to get a quick text saying our house is still standing.

2.    PUT YOUR MAIL ON HOLD.  It takes ten minutes to get online and put your mail on hold.  Nothing screams, “No one’s home!” like mail bulging out of a street mailbox.  I have delivery start the day we return so it’s there when we get home.