10 Ways to Survive a Layover with Kids

The days of long layovers where you sit back, enjoy a latte, and lose yourself in a good book seem to disappear after you have kids.  Layovers are a lot more work when you now have to entertain little ones.  In fact, after having kids I try to avoid layovers as much as possible, but sometimes they can’t be avoided.  Here are 10 tips for how I survive a layover:


Maple Express at Charmingfare Farms


When you think of March in New Hampshire, the first thing that comes to mind is maple syrup!!  In fact, the New Hampshire maple industry produces close to 90,000 gallons of maple syrup annually.  However, this phenomenon of Mother Nature is dictated by weather, not calendar.  It is the freezing nights and warm days that make sap flow, so it can begin in late February and run into early April.  The magic is that no one can predict what the season will bring.  Charmingfare Farms, in Candia, NH, offers a fun way for your family to experience sugaring on a working farm.  This farm has been a favorite spot for my family since our kids were young, but we had never done the Maple Express.  It was such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon and I would strongly recommend taking this tour.  Let me show you how we spent our day.


10 Ways to Get Kids Excited About Your Next Trip

I start to get giddy from the second I begin planning a trip and the closer it get the more excited I get.  However, it sometimes takes a bit of nudging to get the kids to show a little enthusiasm.  The following are some ways I get my kids excited about our next trip:


10 Tips for Staying in Hotels with Kids


Staying in a hotel can be a really fun experience, however when traveling with kids it can also get a bit tricky.  I put a lot more thought into travel when my kids are with me because I know they require some extra thought.  Here are 10 tips for staying in a hotel with kids:


Green Kid Craft


One of the biggest benefits of travel is being exposed to different experiences.  I am constantly looking for ways to spark the creativity and curiosity in the minds of my daughters, so I was thrilled that we were given the opportunity to review a Green Kid Craft box. I don’t usually do product reviews, and I only chose to do so if I could give an honest opinion of the product. 


Just when you think you’ve seen every possible layout of a hotel room, you walk into one of the three suites at the Common Man Inn and Spa, in Plymouth, NH, and you realize you haven’t seen anything!  My daughter and I had an amazing experience in our “cabin in the woods” suite.  This is one room you need to see to believe. 

Read on to experience our night away at the Common Man Inn and Spa

15 Ways to Save Money While Traveling

Who doesn’t like to save money when possible? Traveling can be expensive, but with a bit of strategizing you can bring down the cost.  Try these 15 tips on your next vacation and your wallet will thank you.