Beach Fever

It’s official…I’ve got chronic beach fever.  Symptoms include irritability towards snow piles, sadness brought on by having to wear a coat, and anxiety brought on by looking at my flip-flops just sitting in my closet. It’s a miserable condition brought on by a long winter and spring snowstorms.  Luckily, this condition can be cured through putting your toes in the sand, swimming in salt water, and drinking a cocktail before noon.  Our next trip cannot come soon enough.  For now, I’m daydreaming about our top 10 family beach trips.


Great Wolf Lodge New England

When we chose our dates for our stay at Great Wolf Lodge New England, I was disappointed that I chose a day during spring because I love being at an indoor water park while it’s snowing outside.  Well thank you Mother Nature because on the day we arrived we had a huge snowstorm brewing outside.  After a white-knuckle ride to the hotel we were greeted by a warm roaring fireplace in the main lobby and that’s when the fun began.  And see that tornado waterslide?  Yep…we rode it!

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