BarkBox Review

Some of you may know that I have a new guy in my life that I’m absolutely crazy about…THIS GUY…

If you’re a dog person, you know how hard it is to not spoil your little friend… they deserve it.  Finnegan was more than happy to help review BarkBox, a monthly subscription box for dogs.  What I like most about this company is they are crazy dog people like myself. I want to sneak over to their office since they say it’s filled with dogs barking, burping, wrassling and chirping.  Now THAT’S an office I could go to each day!  Since first launching in 2012, BarkBox has shipped over 50 million toys and treats, so they really know their stuff!

What do I love about this subscription box?

Dogs are like kids…they get bored with their toys pretty quickly.  This box lets them add to their toy collection and taste some treats they may fall in love with. And as a pet owner, you don’t have to worry…all of the treats are wheat, corn, soy and filler-free, with no artificial ingredients or artificial preservatives.  I especially like that they do not ship any toy that has not been thoroughly play-tested by their own dogs.  That is Finnegan’s dream job!!

What comes in each box?

Each month, you receive a themed box (Back to School, dinosaurs, spaceships) that contains two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew. 

What was in our box? Let’s show them Finn…

Our theme was Pupstate Orchards…where the air is as crisp as a freshly picked apple, the garden veggies were dug up just yesterday, and the toys and treats are as bountiful as the harvest. 

Our first toy was Knitwear Heggie. $14

What’s my favorite animal?  A hedgehog.  What’s cuter than a hedgehog? A hedgehog wearing mittens and a scarf! This toy can’t be more adorable.  He is soft and fluffy and squeaks when you squeeze him.  I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of the toy.  It’s well made and Finn has been carrying it around all night.

Our second toy was Monsieur Acorn. $14

 Seriously…how cute is this guy? Do you see his mustache??? Again, the construction of the toy is sturdy and the fabric used is strong enough that Finn will need to work hard to rip it.  When your dog finally does rip it, inside is a spiky ball! Bonus toy! What a great idea.  Plus, the tag says that he squeaks with a French accent!  Very cultured… it!!

His favorite treat out of the two were the Apple Cider Donuts. $8

I wish there was a smell button on the computer because these treats smell good enough to eat.  Hands off…they’re for your furry friend.  They smell like freshly baked apple cider donuts with cinnamon, vanilla, and one more favorite…bacon!

Our second treat was Yum in the Oven $12.

This duck and cranberry flavored treat is shaped like a piece of pie and Finn could not get enough of them.  We use treats to bring him to his crate at night and last night he practically ran up the stairs for this treat.  I love that the box is shaped like an oven and the morsels are soft. 

No box is complete without a chew.  Ours was a Butcher Block Bone that I’m pretty sure was a trachea.  Not something I would personally eat…but Finn is going to love this!  We’re saving it for Christmas dinner to entertain him while we’re having our meal.  The bone is made from 100% quality beef from Omaha and it is roasted for three days.  Looks like something that Finn will feast on!  He started to cry when we took it out to look at it.  Sorry pal…three more days until Christmas!

The box also had a recipe for Carob and Peanut Butter Mini Donuts.  This will be a fun recipe to try out one of these days.  My girls want to make it for our dog’s first birthday!

What is the cost of the subscription box?

$20/month for 12 months

$25/month for 6 months

$29/month for one month

Shipping is always free!

Just to compare…our box was worth over $50!

What if your dog is a chewer?

That’s ok…no judgement zone here pup. Sometimes you’ve just got to pull out those squeakers! BarkBox understands, which is why they created the Destroyers Club.  Your dog can destroy toys to earn points and unlock rewards like BarkShop credit & free toys. It is hysterical!  Check it out

Where can I find more info?

Give them a follow!!








All thoughts in this review are the opinion of (and our puppy Finn).  We do not accept payment in exchange for a review, but we did accept a box (Thank you! Thank you!) at no cost to provide an honest opinion.  This post does not contain affiliate links.


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