OVERVIEW: Maine is such an amazing state with an endless amount of options for vacationers!  In this state you can find everything: museums, sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, hiking, shopping, , skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing… you name it! Each season offers a new variety of fun! The hardest part is deciding what you want to do.  Should you spend the day on a lobster boat, go to a waterpark, go on a whale watch, or pick blueberries?  The options are endless.

A fun day out on the water on a lobster boat in Kennebunkport Maine. www.mytravelingkids.com

When I think of Maine certain images pop into my head…lighthouse, beach, moose, and lobster…or LOBSTAH as my New England friends say! Maine has the most amazing coastline so we decided to start our day out on the water and what a better place to do it than on an actual lobster boat!

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Macworth Island, Falmouth, Maine www.mytravelingkids.com

I can’t believe I’m sharing this place because it is one of our favorite secrets in Maine.  My daughter didn’t want me to share it.  Her exact words were, “Mom…It’s like sharing where Smurf Village is.  You don’t want everyone to know!” It is one of those places that you go to escape all the craziness of life and just BE… be part of nature, be surrounded by views, and be in the moment.  Mackworth Island is about 100 acres and is connected to Falmouth, Maine by a causeway.  The island is home to Governor Baxter School for the Deaf but you are not allowed to go on the campus.  There are two main things that draw you here…nature and fairies.

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