OVERVIEW: Boston is one of the most amazing cities and I’m lucky to live close to it so we spend lots of time there.  My girls love city life…the hustle and bustle, and the people watching. I love taking them into Boston because you feel like you are far away from home.  The city is so charming with quaint neighborhoods, a seacoast, and tons of activities for families.  It’s a safe city and I feel comfortable walking around with my girls.  Not to mention that the amount of history is endless!

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Plan a fun day at the Boston Children's Museum.

Boston Children’s Museum

If you want happy tired kids that will go to bed as soon as their heads hit the pillow then this is the place to take them! Throughout these three floors your child will exercise their mind, body, and creativity and the best part is you can play right along with them.

Boston Fun!

New England Aquarium

As soon as you walk through the door to this aquarium you leave the busy streets of Boston and are transported to an underwater world of sea life.  Under the dim lights you are surrounded by the calls of penguins, and the shadows of the stingrays swimming in the center tank.

Boston Museum of Science

Boston Museum of Science

If you are in Boston and looking for something that all ages will enjoy, the Boston Museum of Science is a safe bet.  It is one of our favorite places and there is so much to do that we never do the entire thing in one day.

Boston Museum of Fine Art

Yes they have amazing pieces of art, but they also have mummies, statues, jewelry,  and weapons that will capture anyone’s attention.

Frost Ice Loft, Boston

Frost Ice Loft

If you want to do something completely different from any Boston experience, this is the perfect spot. It is the only building material for the walls, furniture, bar, tables, and couches.  Even your glasses are completely made of ice.  The cape is a welcomed accessory since they keep the room at a constant 21 degrees.