Learning to Ski at 40


This morning I jumped from an airplane, landed on the top of a snowcapped mountain, and skied down a black diamond trail.  Well…ok…not exactly.  I actually just went up the Magic Carpet and came back down a few times but I can tell you it was just as scary!  I am 40 years old (Ugh…that can’t be right) and I am just learning how to ski. 

Why in the world do I want to ski?

  • My husband and kids.  Plain and simple.  They want to ski so I am going to force myself to pick up this lovely winter sport and follow them to the mountain to create some darn memories.  I am going to try and do this without needing crutches.
  • I refuse to be a Lodge Mom.  There is one thing to choose to not ski and there is another when you can’t do it.  I’d like to have the choice.  I’m sure there will be plenty of days where I will sit inside with a cocktail reading a book but I also want there to be days where I hit the slopes with everyone.
  • I’m going to get over my fears and conquer this challenge.  I’m always telling my girls they can do anything they put their minds to and it is about time I showed them.

What I’m afraid of

  • Getting hurt is the #1 thing I’m afraid of.  Who is going to take care of my family if I’m lying in bed with a broken back? When I’m skiing, in my mind I’m praying so much you would think I’ve become a nun.
  • My 2nd fear is that I’ll never be able to learn.  I am trying to be positive but, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” sometimes creeps in.
  • That ridiculous chairlift! I have nightmares of that thing.  I am not a fan of heights and especially when you have a tiny little unlocked pole keeping you from falling to your death. Talk about a deathtrap!

My plan

I’m taking an amazing class that is comprised of all women…women instructors and women learners.  I’ve got a fun group and a great, patient instructor.  I’m planning on taking all the classes in the 5 weeks they run as well as go up once a week to practice some skills on my own.  I read somewhere, “MILEAGE IS THE BEST INSTRUCTOR!” That is going to be my motto until I am able to say, “I’m a skier!” Fingers crossed!


Any tips for beginner skiers?

Are you a late-learner of a sport or activity?

Any words of advice?

35 thoughts on “Learning to Ski at 40

    • mytravelingkids.com

      Snowboarding looks fun but I watched a woman learning and she fell a million times. Not sure my butt would be happy about that! lol

  1. I have been skiing since I was a little girl but I’m ready to start learning how to snowboard as an adult. Way to go for trying something new and inspiring all of us!

    • mytravelingkids.com

      My husband didn’t ski since high school and he was able to just get back on skis like it was yesterday. I’m sure you’d do fine. I wish I learned in high school.

  2. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve never tried skiing before. It sure looks fun and I’d love to give it a try some day with my daughters. I have the same fears as you!

    • mytravelingkids.com

      I’m more of a warm weather person too but when you live in New England I figure I may as well join in on the fun. I’m surprised how fun it is when you have the right gear. As long as you’re warm it’s actually fun!

  3. i lov that you went skiing, i feel like its such a fun thing to do. i feel like with anything new. you just have to have a willing attitude and try and enjoy it.

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