OVERVIEW OF THE RESTAURANTS AT BEACHES: Just when you thought you could not have a better meal, the next restaurant goes above and beyond. There are many options for breakfasts, from sit down meals to buffets to grab and go pastries and coffee. For lunch you can do buffet, have a slice of pizza, or even grab some burgers and ales at a pub. For dinner you can eat at a table on the sands, have an adult-only meal, or have an elegant family dinner. No matter what restaurant you choose there is an extensive kid’s menu available. All of the restaurants (excluding the adults-only) take place in beautifully decorated elegant restaurants that cater to families with children. It is a wonderful way for children to experience high class dining experiences where children are welcomed with open arms.  There are 18 restaurants at Beaches.  The following are a few of our favorites:

MARIOS: This beautiful Italian restaurant has a spectacular outdoor columned covered patio overlooking the Italian pool. Inside it is tastefully decorated and has an elegant feel. The food comes from the northern regions of Italy and includes meals such as antipasto, soups, chicken saltimbocca, osso bucco alla Milanese, and tiramisu. There is also an extensive wine list.

KIMONOS: Kimonos is an amazing hibachi restaurant that is a must do when at this resort. This is one of the only restaurants that require a reservation. The first year we went to the resort we didn’t make a reservation and didn’t get to eat here. The following year we booked as soon as we got here and it was one of our favorite meals of the week. The chef’s humor and skills entertained the kids with tricks all night (juggling utensils, tossing vegetables into kids’ mouths. Like most hibachi restaurants, you are seated with other families. The area around the restaurant has a beautiful Asian feel with a seating area surrounded by bamboo gardens.

SCHOONERS: The best part about this restaurant is the beautiful wrap-around patio that is steps away from the beach. During the day it has a casual feel to it but it gains a more elegant ambiance at night. It has a wonderful breakfast. The dinner menu is impressive with foods such as Alaska king risotto, conch chowder, and seared red snapper. There are lots of conch in the menu because Turks and Caicos has the world’s only conch farm.

BAREFOOT BY THE SEA: This was such a fun restaurant and was closest to our room so we went to it several times. It has tables right on the sand and has a view of the water. They have a great breakfast and at night tiki torches light up the restaurant adding ambiance to the meal. The fun part is the kids can play in the sand after the meal allowing for some adult time. The dinner menu includes delicious plates such as lobster bisque, herb-crusted Mahi Mahi, and coconut tiger shrimp.

SOY: Hands down this is the best sushi restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. The fish is so fresh and the presentation of the food is beautiful. The Oriental décor of the outdoor restaurant features bamboo and shows off the gardens surrounding the property. The menu had interesting sushi, sashimi, and soups. We came here twice for some pre-dinner cocktails and appetizers. The sushi chefs were so catering to our kids by making them their own rolls using cooked fish and raw vegetables. It was a wonderful experience for everyone.

CRICKETER’S PUB: When you’re sitting in this pub you feel transported to England. The menu consists of typical English fare like shepard’s pie, fish and chips, and burgers. This place also has a great assortment of ales.

BOBBY DEE’S: This fabulous 50’s diner is located at the waterpark. It is the most kid-friendly restaurant of the resort. 50’s music blasted from the jukebox as waiters wore poodle skirts. It has an extensive menu that mostly caters to kids. Come here if you feel like eating pizza, burgers, mac n’ cheese, hot dogs, and grilled cheese. There is also a self-serve ice cream bar.

LE PETIT CHATEAU: My husband and I had a romantic meal here alone while the kids were having a party at the Kid’s Club. It is one of the most elegant restaurants of the resort and resort evening attire is required. There is an extensive wine list and the food is French. The menu consists of plates such as pan-roasted grouper, lamb loin, escargots, and Grand Marnier crème brulee.


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