Squam Lake Natural Science Center

Squam Lake Natural Science Center


As soon as we walked into the Squam Lake Natural Science Center, we knew it would be unlike any animal park we’ve been to.  My girls immediately let their creativity take over and pretended to be wildlife explorers scouring the forest for animals.  At the Science Center you don’t find an animal in a cage, you walk to each exhibit through beautifully maintained trails until you reach the animal in a lovely natural habitat. There are 232 acres of fields, forests, and wetlands. You can tell great lengths are taken to see that the animals are well cared for.  Most of these animals are rescued and will spend the rest of their lives in their safe, protected new home.  Let me show you some of our favorite moments of our day.

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Going Away Alone for the First Time!


Don’t get me wrong…my husband and kids are the BEST people to travel with and I’m fortunate that we get to do it all the time but I can’t help being a teeny bit jealous when friends tell me they are traveling alone on business trips.  Ok…some days I’m so jealous I may actually turn a slight shade of green.  The realistic part of my brain knows they will miss their family but the dreamy part pictures them sitting out by the pool with a glass of wine and a good book.  That may be pushing it but I’m pretty sure no one is yelling from their bathroom, “There’s no more toilet paper and I’ve just pooped!”

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Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife Park mytravelingkids.com

This August my girls and I went on a girls’ getaway trip to Freeport, Maine. Since the three of us are animal lovers, we decided to drive a half hour away to Gray, Maine to visit the Maine Wildlife Park.  It ended up being one of the most memorable days of the summer thanks to the hospitality of their staff.  We were able to first enjoy the park on our own and were then given a behind-the-scenes tour to get up close to some of our favorite animals.  Little did we know how close.

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Harraseeket Inn



If you are looking for a quintessential New England coastal town, Freeport Maine may be exactly what you want.  Shopping, hiking, boating, amazing restaurants…what more could you ask for? Just two blocks from downtown, the Harraseeket Inn is the perfect place to call home during your trip.  My daughters and I had the pleasure of staying there and it exceeded our expectations.  Click below to read all about our stay…

Two nights at the Harraseeket Inn…

20 Tips for Hiking with Kids

20 Tips for Hiking with Kids

20 Tips for Hiking with Kids mytravelingkids.com

Fall is the perfect time to go on a hike.  To avoid a hike filled with whining, it helps to plan a bit. Check out these 20 Tips for Hiking with Kids:

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Margate Resort, Laconia, NH



If you are looking for a resort that will take you back to the simplicities of your carefree childhood summers, the Margate Resort is for you.  This family friendly resort sits directly on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee and offers an affordable vacation that everyone will enjoy.

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Travel is expensive and takes time away from work.  It is time-consuming to plan and is filled with unknowns.  So why go through the hassle? Because travel gives you something that nothing else can. 

I recently collaborated with Beth from Lifesendlessadventures.com on a piece where several travel bloggers share why we travel.  Check it out!!

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Portland Science Center


You slowly make your way through the ship, passing the 1st and 3rd class accommodations.  You hear the band sadly playing on the deck and you slide your hand over the large piece of ice as you hear the words that will change your life forever…Titanic is Sinking!

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Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine


If you are in Portland, Maine and looking for something aimed especially for your kids…this is the place to go.  The Children’s Museum & Theater of Maine has four levels of fun that the entire family will enjoy.  Their mission statement says it all: “The Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine exists to inspire discovery and imagination through exploration and play.”

We spent our morning at the museum and the girls had such a great time using their imagination.  Let me take you on a tour of our day.

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