Itinerary for a Perfect Week in St. Martin

St. Martin/ St. Maarten Itinerary

We rarely go to the same destination twice, so when we return somewhere it speaks highly of that place.  St Martin is an island where we felt safe exploring, comfortable driving, and loved the variety of activities.  The people are so welcoming and love to share their culture with visitors.  Since the island is half Dutch and half French, you feel like you’ve traveled to two islands in one trip.  Here is our itinerary for 5 full days in paradise:


I always spend the first full day enjoying my hotel and spending time in the sun and sand with my family.  Enjoy the pool or the beach and soak up all the sunshine!

Lunch: Kali’s Beach Bar.  This is a toes-in-the-sand restaurant.  Kids can play in the sand while you enjoy a cocktail and wait for your food.  Great burgers!

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Staying in a hotel can be a really fun experience, however when traveling with kids it can also get a bit tricky.  I put a lot more thought into travel when my kids are with me because I know they require some extra thought.  Here are 10 tips for staying in a hotel with kids:

Take a peek….

New England General Stores

 New England General Stores

Nothing screams QUAINT more than a New England general store.  They are sprinkled across New England and they share many similar features.  Even if you don’t need anything specific, it’s worth stopping in for a peek.

Our favorite is the Old Country Store, in Moultonborough, New Hampshire.  It has been a store since 1781…237 years! Located near Castle on the Clouds and close to Meredith, and it’s a great stopping point when you’re headed towards the White Mountains. My girls beg me to stop in every time we drive by.

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Why You Should Travel During Off-Season

When it’s time to start planning a vacation the first question I ask myself is ‘When do we want to go?’ The time I most love to travel is late spring.  We’ve done a mid-May vacation for the past few years and I just love everything about it.  Summer may be a more convenient time to travel but I think pulling the kids out of school for 5 days is worth the trouble.  Here are a few reasons I love to travel during off-season. 

You’ll save money on hotels.  Who doesn’t love to save money when traveling?  And let’s admit it…we all love to stay in nice places.  Traveling during off-season lets you save money and lets you stay at a place you may not be able to afford during high season.  There’s also a better chance of getting upgrades since most hotels won’t be at full capacity. 

You’ll save money on airfare. Airfare can cost an arm and a leg so I’ll jump at any chance for a deal.  It’s amazing how different the prices can be to fly to the exact location.  High season usually means high prices.

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Itinerary for a Perfect Week in Sarasota

When I think of Florida, I don’t picture Disney, I envision walking across the powder white sand collecting shells and shark teeth on the gulf coast.  We spend our days doing an excursion for half of the day and enjoying the sunshine at the beach or by the pool for the other half. It really is the perfect vacation scenario and our town of choice in Florida is Sarasota.

 Here is our itinerary for 5 full days in paradise:


I always spend the first morning enjoying my hotel and spending time in the pool with my family.  Enjoy the pool and soak up all the sunshine!

Lunch: Old Salty Dog (Great place to grab some burgers right on the water.  Once we watched dolphins playing in the water throughout our meal.)

Spend the afternoon at our favorite place in Sarasota…the Mote Marine Laboratory.  The best thing about this aquarium is that it is a working research facility.  You’ll love meeting our two favorite manatee…Hugh and Buffett.  Also, say hello to our pal Hang Tough, a blind green turtle that lives at Mote because he couldn’t survive in the wild.  The aquarium is filled with fish, sharks, eels, otters, crocs, ands more.  Open daily 10-5.  Adults $20 Children $15.

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BarkBox Review

Some of you may know that I have a new guy in my life that I’m absolutely crazy about…THIS GUY…

If you’re a dog person, you know how hard it is to not spoil your little friend… they deserve it.  Finnegan was more than happy to help review BarkBox, a monthly subscription box for dogs.  What I like most about this company is they are crazy dog people like myself. I want to sneak over to their office since they say it’s filled with dogs barking, burping, wrassling and chirping.  Now THAT’S an office I could go to each day!  Since first launching in 2012, BarkBox has shipped over 50 million toys and treats, so they really know their stuff!

What do I love about this subscription box?

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One-On-One Vacations with Kids

One-On-One Vacations with Kids


Every few trips I decide to bring only one kiddo with me.  At first, I thought it would be odd leaving one kid behind, but it has turned out to be an amazing experience for our whole family.  These one-on-one trips are something we all look forward to and here’s why:


One of my girls is sporty and loves anything active and my other is artsy and loves a creative destination. One vacation is filled with amusement parks, hikes, and trampoline parks and the other with museums, plays, and bookstores. 


Did I really want to go back to the indoor waterpark in the morning? Of course not, but I ended up having a great time racing her down the slides. 

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Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

From Our Family

To Yours!!

10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Staycation


Let me just pluck some money off my money tree to pay for my next trip.  Back to reality… I obviously can’t travel whenever I feel like packing my bags.  A good alternative is a STAYCATION.  You can save money because you don’t have to worry about needing a plane ticket, booking a hotel room, and renting a car.  The key to a fantastic staycation is to deviate from your daily routine.  Here are 10 tips to planning a fun staycation:

1.     Plan daily activities. Just like you would never go on vacation without plans (well…maybe you would but I would NEVER), it may be best to plan out your days before your staycation starts.  What could you do?

OUTDOORS: ice skating, rollerblading, swimming, mini golf, hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, biking, zoos, fishing, a day at the beach.

INDOORS: museums, planetariums, movies, trampoline parks, arcades, bowling, paint pottery, indoor water parks,

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