To-Do Lists for a Trip


If you know me then you know I LOVE LISTS!! I get so anxious about forgetting things that a list helps me calm my anxiety.  Getting ready for a trip can be really stressful because there are so many little things to remember.  I thought I would share with you my list to get ready for a trip…it’s a lifesaver!



·      Create a packing list and check things off as you set them aside.

·      Shop for last minute necessities (clothes, toiletries, accessories).

·      Make sure you have someone responsible to watch your pets.  If you have plants, don’t forget them too.

·      Arrange transportation to the airport.  Will you drive there or get a car?  Also, how will you get from the airport to your hotel?

·      Decide if you’ll rent a car while you’re there and research different companies.  If you’re traveling internationally, will you need any special paperwork to drive?

·      Book any excursions. 

·      Look into whether you will need any vaccines for your trip.

·      If boarding a pet, make sure they are up to date on all shots.

·      Also, if traveling abroad, you may want to get some local currency from the bank.  It takes about a week to 10 days to get them. It’s easier than doing it when you get to the airport.    



·      Clean your house.  I hate coming home to a dirty house and if I leave it for the last minute it doesn’t always get done.  I try to clean it the week before and then just keep it up for the week.  (Not always an easy task with kids.)

·      Cancel your mail for the duration of the trip.  You could always ask a neighbor to grab it for you but I find it’s just easier to have the post office hold it and deliver it the day we return.

·      Pick up any medication you may need during the trip.  (Don’t wait too long or something inevitably will go wrong.)

·      Plan at least the first day and night of your trip.  Having deciding where we’ll have dinner makes it easier to adjust to a new location. 

·      Make sure you have enough memory cards.

·      If traveling internationally, call your bank and credit card company to give them the heads up.

·      Pack your suitcases and weigh them.  Check the bag weight limit of your airline.



·      Charge all electronics.  This includes all kid electronics as well as your own.  Don’t forget to charge your camera or fill it with new batteries.

·      Download movies onto your phone and tablet.  This can take several hours so I often do it 2-3 days before my trip.  ITunes movies are available for 24 hours after you press play.   Don’t forget to download some for the return. 

·      Download new games onto your kids’ electronics.

·      Clean out your fridge.  Toss out all the stuff that will spoil or give it to a friend. 

·      Do one last load of dishes.  Nothing is worse than the smell of dirty dishes when you get home.

·      Put out clothes for the next morning.  Don’t forget to put out shoes and something warm to wear on the plane. 

·      Do early check-in if your airline offers it. 

·      Make sure the bags that you will carry on are packed and ready to go.

·      Email a picture of your passport and driver’s license to yourself and a family member or friend.

·      Send hotel information as well as your plane itinerary to a friend or family member.

·      Pack your carry-on bag and I have my kids pack their backpacks for the plane.

·      Print out a copy of all travel plans including hotel confirmation emails, plane itineraries, and rental car agreement.



·      Take out your trash. 

·      Make sure everything is unplugged.  (Yes…I’m paranoid!)

·      Make sure all your windows and doors are locked.

·      Set the central air or heat to a good temperature.

·      Pack things you’ve used today but will need for your trip. (make-up, hair products, contact lens solution, etc.)

·      Double check to make sure you have your driver’s license and credit card with you.  (Or triple check if you’re paranoid like me.)

·      Have an amazing trip and make some memories!



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