One-On-One Vacations with Kids

One-On-One Vacations with Kids


Every few trips I decide to bring only one kiddo with me.  At first, I thought it would be odd leaving one kid behind, but it has turned out to be an amazing experience for our whole family.  These one-on-one trips are something we all look forward to and here’s why:


One of my girls is sporty and loves anything active and my other is artsy and loves a creative destination. One vacation is filled with amusement parks, hikes, and trampoline parks and the other with museums, plays, and bookstores. 


Did I really want to go back to the indoor waterpark in the morning? Of course not, but I ended up having a great time racing her down the slides. 


10 Amazing Things that Happen on Vacation


Travel can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful.  So why do people bother doing it? There is something magical about getting away from everything and embracing the unknown. The following are 10 things that I notice happen when we are on vacation: 

1.     CELL PHONES LOSE IMPORTANCE. I hate to admit it but when I’m home I can be pretty glued to my cellphone.  I am constantly checking emails and getting online to research different topics.  However, on vacation I can care less where my phone is! Sometimes I even go days without taking it out of my purse and it is the best feeling to be in the moment with my family. 

2.    VIDEO GAMES DISAPPEAR.  Since the kids bring several electronics with them on vacation to play with on the plane, I expect they will play with them throughout the trip.  This rarely happens.  On some trips, it never comes out of their suitcase.  There are so many new things to discover that our kids would rather go out to the beach to look for shells or build a sandcastle that electronics lose their interest.   


Top 10 Things To Do in Santorini with Kids


Many people think of Santorini as a honeymoon destination filled with starry-eyed newlyweds and wedding proposals around every corner.  However, Santorini is actually an amazing destination for a family vacation and is filled with fun activities to do with your kids.  There is no need for electronics to keep your kids entertained and never once did my kids say they were bored.  Being in Santorini is like walking into a postcard and this concept is not lost on kids. Here are my top 10 things to do in Santorini with kids:


Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk- Boston

(In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month…)

When I was 5 and my brother 7, we lost our mother to ovarian cancer.  That changed my life forever.  Three years ago my daughters were just about to turn 5 and 7 and I knew I had to contribute some way to raising awareness about cancer (all cancers) and help with fundraising for research.  When I decided to do the Susan G Komen 3 -Day walk in Boston I never knew how much it would change me. 


My First Night Away…ALONE!

Bass Rocks Ocean Inn

The day is finally here and I’m all packed up to go away all by myself for the first time.  No husband and no kiddos.  I’ve put my bags in the car and grabbed the wine I’ve been chilling in the fridge.  When suddenly…Ring Ring Ring.  “Hi Mrs. Johnson.  This is the school nurse.  Would you mind coming in to pick up your daughter?  She seems to have a bit of a bellyache.” You’ve got to be kidding me!  I can’t make this stuff up.  With a sigh, the wine goes back in the fridge and I’m on my way to pick up my little cherub from school.   


Need Inspiration to Head to the Beach?

As March rolls around I start feeling the urge to escape to a tropical island to sink my toes in the sand and jump in the waves.  Tempted?  Here are some pictures that may inspire you to pack your bags:


The Sweetness in Doing Nothing



Ever notice how relaxed and less stressed you are when on vacation? The hours just float by in a carefree daze.  Ok…that may have a little bit to do with the margaritas that started at noon but there’s more to it.  There’s something magical about a vacation because of one thing…DOLCHE FAR NIENTE. Come again? Italians have a saying… ‘dolche far niente’… which translates into, “sweetness of doing nothing.”  It is the accepted act of doing nothing of importance, and some Europeans have made it an art form. To me, it is the most rewarding things about vacation.


10 Lessons Kids Learn by Traveling




Often my friends say they will wait until their kids get older before they start traveling with them because they will get more out of it then.  Sure kids will appreciate some activities better if they are older, but if you plan appropriate trips for their age they will get tons of real-world knowledge. Even as a former teacher, I think there’s nothing wrong with pulling your kids out of school for a week if you are going to go on a family vacation.  Here are 10 lessons that traveling teaches kids: