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Staying in a hotel can be a really fun experience, however when traveling with kids it can also get a bit tricky.  I put a lot more thought into travel when my kids are with me because I know they require some extra thought.  Here are 10 tips for staying in a hotel with kids:

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Why You Should Travel During Off-Season

When it’s time to start planning a vacation the first question I ask myself is ‘When do we want to go?’ The time I most love to travel is late spring.  We’ve done a mid-May vacation for the past few years and I just love everything about it.  Summer may be a more convenient time to travel but I think pulling the kids out of school for 5 days is worth the trouble.  Here are a few reasons I love to travel during off-season. 

You’ll save money on hotels.  Who doesn’t love to save money when traveling?  And let’s admit it…we all love to stay in nice places.  Traveling during off-season lets you save money and lets you stay at a place you may not be able to afford during high season.  There’s also a better chance of getting upgrades since most hotels won’t be at full capacity. 

You’ll save money on airfare. Airfare can cost an arm and a leg so I’ll jump at any chance for a deal.  It’s amazing how different the prices can be to fly to the exact location.  High season usually means high prices.


BarkBox Review

Some of you may know that I have a new guy in my life that I’m absolutely crazy about…THIS GUY…

If you’re a dog person, you know how hard it is to not spoil your little friend… they deserve it.  Finnegan was more than happy to help review BarkBox, a monthly subscription box for dogs.  What I like most about this company is they are crazy dog people like myself. I want to sneak over to their office since they say it’s filled with dogs barking, burping, wrassling and chirping.  Now THAT’S an office I could go to each day!  Since first launching in 2012, BarkBox has shipped over 50 million toys and treats, so they really know their stuff!

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Happy New Year

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

From Our Family

To Yours!!

15 Perfect Gifts for Travelers

Dear Santa,

What do I most want for Christmas this year?  Do you really have to ask?  Plane tickets!! If that’s not an option, I have a few more suggestions of what a traveler would like to see under her tree.  The following are 15 picks for the perfect present for travelers: (BTW..I have no affiliation with any of these products.  They’re just items on my wish list.)

Leather Travel Quote Luggage Tag.  I love how classic this tag is and it can be put on anything from your suitcase, overnight bag, camera case, computer bag, etc.  My favorite feature is you can customize your favorite quote.  (Love the Jane Austen quote!) $26



My First Piece on Thrive Global!


 I was so sad when Arianna Huffington (she’s my Oprah!) left Huffington Post to start her new website Thrive Global, but I quickly fell in love with it. The whole site is about wellness, productivity, and becoming your best self. Today I had my first feature on it!!! So excited to be a part of this new adventure! 

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How to Feel at Home while Traveling


One reason people sometimes give about why they don’t like to travel is because they hate the feeling of being away from home.  Traveling is about the unknown, and that makes some people uncomfortable.  The trick is to bring a piece of home to you…wherever you are.  Here are 10 tips that may help you cure your cause of homesickness:

1.     STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE.  If you work out every morning then you should head to the fitness room.  If you have a bedtime ritual, don’t’ let being in a hotel stop you.  Bring your face wash and makeup removal, read a book, and make some of your favorite herbal tea.


Host the Perfect Cocktail Party with ROOT 23


The holiday season is always a time for us to stay closer to home and spend time with friends and family.  Every once in a while, cocktails are involved…hahaha…who are we kidding…cocktails are ALWAYS involved!  Often, these are last-minute get-togethers and so I always like to be prepared.

When ROOT 23 asked if I wanted to test out some of their simple syrups, I was more than happy to host a few cocktail hours!  ROOT 23 specializes in the farm to cocktail movement, using organic sugar and locally sourced ingredients, and they provided two syrups for us to taste along with six cocktail recipes.  I decided to divide it into two different tastings (You’re welcome liver).

What syrups did I receive?


Yogi Surprise Subscription Box Review

My oldest daughter is obsessed with yoga right now.  She has the absolute best yoga instructor (The fabulous Mrs. Audra!!!) and I love that she’s learning about relaxation, stress reduction, and how to be a fierce girl all while getting in a good workout.  She could not have been more thrilled when we were asked to review the Yogi Surprise subscription box. Check out what we thought of it. Namaste!