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As parents, we often put our kids ahead of everything…including our relationship.  We fall into a routine and don’t take the time to nurture ourselves as a couple.  Well time to dust off the romance and step it up a notch.  Dates don’t have to be pricy or complicated (But babes…if you’re reading this, know that my passport is always ready!) it just has to be the two of you spending some quality alone time together…ALONE…can’t stress that enough. (Sorry kiddos!) But let’s face it, who has the energy to actually plan these dates and make sure they keep happening?  I’m happy to say that it does not have to be you!! Date Box is a monthly subscription box that does ALL the work for you!  What? You don’t have to put any thought into it?  Nope…let them do the planning and you do the fun!

What do I love about this box?

The whole idea of a date box is perfect because since it comes every month, it is a reminder that it’s time for some lovin’… (Yeah…that didn’t come out the way I meant it!)  As much as my husband and I WANT to have a date, sometimes we’ll look at each other and not be able to remember the last time we actually made it happen. 

What comes in each box?

There are two different date choices…Dates in Your home and Dates in Your City. Here’s how they work:

Dates in Your House: Your date will be delivered straight to your house! Get cozy…messy buns and yoga pants are perfectly fine! The box will contain everything you need to complete your date including activities, snacks, and items to make sure you have a great night.  They even include a Spotify playlist to set the mood! Every box is completely different.

Dates in Your City: Check your email inbox because your date will be delivered straight to your inbox.  Your will receive a Date Guide that includes voucher codes you redeem at locations.  It even has free rides and directions to your date. I’m pretty sure you can’t do this in every city.


So, what was our date???

We decided to add a little wine to our date while we checked out our box. Before we started we put on our curated Spotify playlist to set the mood.  It was a nice change-up from what we normally listen to.

The purpose of this box was to look back at the history of our relationship since how we met, fell in love, and decided on each other is unique and should be celebrated.  The book you create can be completed in several date nights.   

First step was making our snack…puppy love.  It was a mix of rice Chex, chocolate chips, peanut butter, margarine, and powdered sugar. It was a yummy treat to enjoy during our date since it was sinfully sweet!

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and together for 22 so it this was the perfect opportunity to look back on our relationship and see how it grew through the years.  Date Box gives you absolutely everything you need…even colored pencils and some pens.  They really think of everything.   

The book lets you take turns filling out questions or answering them together.  Some of our favorites were…(I’ll just show you the before pictures since this book was just between the two of us!)

A map that we had to color all the places we’d been together.  It was fun to look back on all our past vacations.

Celebrities we’d invite to game night.  ­­­­

The page where we had to write things we do for each other that we appreciate since it’s so easy to take each other for granted and not say thank you. 

There’s a great page where you write each other a note, put it in the envelope and don’t open it for a year.  My daughter thought it would be romantic if we open it on Valentine’s Day next year.

Our absolute favorite is the page where you write down inside jokes that only the two of us know what they mean.  The best part is you write it down using an invisible pen that you read with the light on the pen.  We had fun with this one!

What is the cost of the subscription box?

There are several plans to choose from.

Digital only: Start at just $7.99 and are delivered as a PDF to your email inbox.

Flirting: $39.99 every month

Steady: $109.35 billed every three months

(That’s $36.95 per date…10% off)

Serious: $197.76 billed every six months.

(That’s $32.96 per date…20% off)

Where can I find more info?

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