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One of the biggest benefits of travel is being exposed to different experiences.  I am constantly looking for ways to spark the creativity and curiosity in the minds of my daughters, so I was thrilled that we were given the opportunity to review a Green Kid Craft box. I don’t usually do product reviews, and I only chose to do so if I could give an honest opinion of the product. 

I am so happy to say we all loved the experience.

 My girls were jumping up and down when they saw the Green Kid Craft box had been delivered since they both love science and crafts.  We were so excited to open it up and see what fun activities they had in store for us!

We were thrilled to see we were given the Volcanos, Crystals, and Gems kit.  The first thing we noticed was the introduction card which talked about volcanos and answered questions such as:

How are volcanos formed?

What are the different stages of volcanos?

How do volcanos erupt?

How many volcanos are there in the world?

What is the Ring of Fire?


Each project is individually wrapped and comes with a card giving detailed instructions.  It lists the supplies included in the box, as well as the simple supplies you will need from home.  The directions are easy to understand but not too simple so even my 10-year old had fun doing it.  I also love how each card tells you WHY the experiment works. 

Crystal Growing Kit

In this project, the girls were able to grow their own crystals.  They decided to make two smaller crystals, instead of one big one, so they could each have their own crystal to keep. The girls loved creating their own shapes that would form the crystals.  This was the only project they needed my help with because they needed to boil water before adding Borax to it.  Other than that, I stepped back and let the girls complete each project on their own.


Geode Kit

 My girls felt like geologists as they broke the geodes open to expose what was inside.  I loved that there were two geodes in the kit because each girl was able to keep one. 

This experiment was a fun activity to do outside. We’ve broken geodes before but we never thought to put them inside of socks before breaking them.  That was a smart idea because they didn’t shatter everywhere. I just wished my daughters had followed the instructions to use an old sock because they used one of mine and it now has a hole in it.  The crystals inside the geodes were beautiful and the girls loved examining them with the magnifying glass that came with the kit. 

Volcano Eruption

This was their favorite project of the box.  They loved that you were able to construct the volcano before making it erupt.  At first, they were bummed because the clay was white, but it was shown as brown in the picture.  They used their creativity and pressed the lava rocks that came with the kit onto the white clay making the dirt come off and making the clay look more realistic. 

The experiment taught them skills such as measuring, following directions, creating hypothesis, and teamwork. 

They also liked that there was enough baking soda so they were able to save some for later to do the experiment again with their friends.   

Rock, Minerals, Gems Excavation Kit

This kit contained an earthen block, a digging tool, a magnifying glass, a brush, and an identification booklet.  It was fun to see them relate the project to Minecraft, a game they play that I have no clue what they’re talking about when they tell me about it.  Apparently, the blocks in the game are made up of rocks and minerals so they thought it was fun that they could actually find one they use in the game.  I loved watching them try to identify the rocks after excavating them.  Again, I like that there were two rocks so they could each keep one. 

Eruption Abstract Art

I love that this experiment blended art with science.  Each girl got to create their own work of art by rolling a marble through puddles of paint.  The direction card talked about Jackson Pollard, an American abstract impressionist painter who was known for dripping paint on his canvas to create his paintings.  After the experiment, we went online to look at some of his work.  The experiment uses paint, marbles, and construction paper to emphasize how violent a volcano can be when it erupts.

The end result is a contemporary piece of art that each girl could keep.   


My girls had so much fun exploring the topic of volcanos, crystals, and gems and they are already talking about asking for this subscription for their birthday.  Green Kid Crafts is a monthly subscription service that averages to about $19.95 per month.  You can choose to have your subscription to come monthly or choose a package for 3, 6, or 12 months.  Each month you receive a package with 5-8 STEAM science and creativity activities. 

Have a look at their website for more details:


Disclosure: Although we did receive a complimentary Green Kid Craft kit to review, all opinions are completely mine and I was 100% honest in my review. 

I do not have an affiliation with the product.


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