Kidstir Subscription Box Review

If the television is on in my kids’ playroom it’s not hard to guess what will playing…a cooking challenge show! They love watching people come up with recipes, work together, and end up with a tasty treat.  I often hear, “5 MORE MINUTES!” screamed from the TV and my girls yelling, “Hurry Up!” They love to help me cook but we don’t get around to doing it too often because of the hassle of finding appropriate recipes, making a list of ingredients, and buying supplies needed to make the meal.  This can be quite a pain in the butt inconvenience. does all the planning for you so you only have the fun stuff to do!  My girls were anxiously awaiting this subscription box and practically tore it open when it arrived.


What do I love about this box?

These boxes are not full of junk food recipes, but instead it shows kids that healthy food can be fun to eat.  They believe by educating and empowering our kids about food, we can prepare them to make smart, healthy choices.  Also, if kids help prepare a meal, they are more likely to eat it.  Plus, it is a wonderful way for kids to gain life skills in the kitchen.

What comes in each box?

-A shopping list

-3 step-by-step recipes

-2 Kid-size tools

-Games, activities, and stickers (which are great to do while waiting for your food to cook.)

-An e-newsletter full of recipes and printables.

  • Your subscription includes a two year subscription to FamilyFun, Parents, or EveryDay with Rachael Ray Magazine

Where can they store their recipes? has a cookbook binder with dividers where all their fun recipes can be stored.

How do I know what ingredients I’ll need?

If your kids are as impatient eager as mine, you’ll be happy to know that when the box ships you will be emailed a shopping list.  This way you can choose to have the ingredients available so you can start cooking right away.  I would bring my girls to the market with me because it is another chance to learn a life skill.  It would be fun to have them know the ingredients but not the actual recipes they’ll be making since a surprise is the best thing about a subscription box.

What tasty recipes did we make?

The theme of our box was SPOOKY CELEBRATION

We started off with a spiced apple cider drink that included cream skull and bones ice cubes. We brought the drink to a neighborhood party and the kids loved it…especially the creamy ice cubes (most didn’t make it into their drink.) 

These ice-cube trays will be prefect for making ice, freezing juice, and molding chocolate. 

Next, we made yummy zucchini cupcakes that looked like mummies after putting on the cream cheese frosting.  They were so easy to make and the girls loved grating the zucchini.  I pretty much sat back and watched them make the cupcakes while they did all the work.  The directions were easy to follow and was an appropriate skill level for an eleven-year-old.  It is a wonderful alternative to traditional cupcakes. 

Our final recipe is something I would never have chosen to make… fresh cheese ravioli, because I’ve always thought it was too hard to make your own pasta dough.  However, I’m glad the box is pushing me out of my comfort zone.  We plan on making this as a family on Friday before we do our movie night. 

We will definitely use this pasta press again. It can be used for pirogues, empanadas, samosas, ravioli, turnovers, and more.   

What is the cost of the subscription box?

If you pay for the box monthly, the cost is $15.95 but if you pay for all 12 months it costs $12.95.  There are other options in between so check out the website for options. 

The cookbook binder costs $19.95 but it is free with a prepaid subscription.

You can also buy an individual box for $19.95

What about siblings?

Personally, I would order only one Kidstir box set and have my girls share it.  However, they do offer a sibling add-on that includes an extra set of tools and games with each kit.  This option costs an additional $10.

Where can I find more info?

Give them a follow!!








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