Jackson Falls

Jackson Falls


One of my favorite places to experience the amazing foliage of New Hampshire is Jackson Falls, a waterfall that cascades over smooth granite rocks into pools that create personal swimming pools for visitors.

You immediately feel the New England charm as you drive over the covered bridge that welcomes you into the town of Jackson. (link)  This quaint New Hampshire town has small shops, restaurants, and coffee shops.  My girls and I like to pick up lunch and have a picnic in the gazebo at the bottom of the falls before we head up to swim in the pristine mountain water. 

The falls are located right up the street from the gorgeous Wentworth Inn, where I had the chance to stay last summer.  (Take a peek at that night…hello…there was a room with my own private hot tub!) It would be fun to stop at the inn for a cocktail and an appetizer after enjoying the falls.


The fact that the falls have easy roadside access makes it a favorite of people looking for water, a view, and fresh air.  Many people bring comfortable chairs and read a book while listening to the water rushing past them.  Artists are often seen behind their easel capturing the view of the trees engulfing the mountain.  Wherever you look people are kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying this New Hampshire gem.

We’ve had so much fun at the falls during summer!

And it is even more gorgeous in the fall!



-The rocks can get slippery, so if you are going to swim you may want to wear swim shoes.

-Bring a lunch.

-There are no bathroom facilities.

-Keep it clean!  Carry out what you bring in!

-It gets very crowded during summer.  I would either go early or show up later in the day.

-The falls are a photographer’s dream.  Make sure you bring a camera!

-I assume that dogs are welcome since there are no signs stating otherwise.  I would just keep my dog on a leash and clean up after him. 

-There is free parking on the street but parking is limited. 



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