Big Ben is Silent

One of our favorite memories of being in London was walking down the cobblestone streets on our way to a local pub and the sound of Big Ben stopping us in our tracks as we listened to the London legend toll.  For the last 157 years, Big Ben has captivated both locals and tourists every 4 hours.  However, at noon on August 21st, 2017, Big Ben tolled for the last time before taking a much-needed break.  Elizabeth Tower, the 315-foot tower that holds Big Ben, is already covered in scaffolding so tourists may be surprised at it’s unexpected appearance.  The clock is getting cleaned and repaired, with every cog being dismantled and put back in place.  Although you will still be able to hear it on special occasions, like New Year’s Eve, you’ll have to wait until completion of the project, which will not be until 2021. But trust me…it will be worth the wait!



What does Big Ben sound like?  Click on the link below to hear Big Ben’s last toll on August 21, 2017.


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