Beach Fever

It’s official…I’ve got chronic beach fever.  Symptoms include irritability towards snow piles, sadness brought on by having to wear a coat, and anxiety brought on by looking at my flip-flops just sitting in my closet. It’s a miserable condition brought on by a long winter and spring snowstorms.  Luckily, this condition can be cured through putting your toes in the sand, swimming in salt water, and drinking a cocktail before noon.  Our next trip cannot come soon enough.  For now, I’m daydreaming about our top 10 family beach trips.

1 Santorini, Greece

2 Nazare, Portugal


3 St. Martin

4 Turks and Caicos

5 Grand Cayman

6 St. Lucia

7 Bermuda

8 Bahamas

9 Siesta Keys

10 St. Petersburg

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