Cape Codder Resort and Spa

At times I like to travel with just one of my daughters so we can spend some quality one-on-one time together.  Recently, I was so pleased to be able to stay at the Cape Codder Resort and Spa, in Hyannis, with my youngest.  After looking at the website and seeing the hotel has a water park, she could hardly stop talking about it.  The hotel did not disappoint and we had a fabulous time playing throughout our stay.  The hotel is located near several beautiful Cape Cod beaches, and near many restaurants and adorable shop. 

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My First Night Away…ALONE!

Bass Rocks Ocean Inn

The day is finally here and I’m all packed up to go away all by myself for the first time.  No husband and no kiddos.  I’ve put my bags in the car and grabbed the wine I’ve been chilling in the fridge.  When suddenly…Ring Ring Ring.  “Hi Mrs. Johnson.  This is the school nurse.  Would you mind coming in to pick up your daughter?  She seems to have a bit of a bellyache.” You’ve got to be kidding me!  I can’t make this stuff up.  With a sigh, the wine goes back in the fridge and I’m on my way to pick up my little cherub from school.   


Heritage Museums and Gardens, Cape Cod

Heritage Museums and Gardens

When I go to Cape Cod, it is all about relaxing and recharging.  I love all the beautiful beaches and taking long walks while shopping in downtown areas.  When I travel I like to take in the culture of my destination and Heritage Museum and Gardens, located in Sandwich, is the perfect place to experience classic Cape Cod.  There is something for everyone here and a lovely way to spend half a day.  Let me tell you about my day at this unique spot.