Walking the Breathtaking Marginal Way, Ogunquit, Maine

 Marginal Way

Marginal Way, in Ogunquit, is a mile and a quarter long piece of heaven that needs to be experienced.  This paved path gets its name from being the margin between the crashing waves of the sea and the tranquil land of this quaint seaside town in Maine.

An easy walk for anyone, the winding path takes you from Ogunquit Beach to Perkins Cove.  Along the path you’ll see expansive views,

small beaches, and rocky cliffs.

A favorite activity of the walk is sitting on one of the 39 benches that are spread out throughout the path.  Young and old can be seen perched on these cliffside benches taking in the beauty of Maine.

My girls love to play in the tide pools that appear in the rocks.

And they especially love to climb the rocky shoreline.

There’s even an adorable lighthouse right on the walkway.

Along the way you will often see artists capturing the view.

Winter is a beautiful time to see Marginal Way, however, they do not maintain it in winter and there are frequently ice patches.  Use caution.

I always like to end our walk at Perkins Cove.  As a working dock, you can see lobster boats coming in at the end of a long day, and it looks so pretty it feels like you’re on a movie set.  In Perkins Cove you’ll find lots of small places to have ice cream, shop in tiny boutiques, see some art, or enjoy a cocktail.


Tips on Planning Your Day

-Mornings and evenings are less crowded.

-It’s a very safe walk (and you know how paranoid I can be) and I would definitely feel safe walking it alone or with just my kids.

-As any walking path on a cliff, children should be supervised at all time and have common courtesy for others on the path.

-Wear appropriate shoes because you may feel the need to climb a cliff or two.

-Sunscreen and water are always a good idea.

-A camera is a must!  You will kick yourself if you see these views and have no way to capture them.

-Dogs are allowed on the path from October 1- April 1 ONLY.

-Wheelchairs and strollers can be used on the walk since it is a paved path that’s about five feet wide.  In fact, if you would like to borrow a wheelchair, call the Ogunquit fire department and they will let you borrow one.

-The walk starts/ends at either Perkins Cove or on Shore Road between the Spar Hawk and the Anchorage.

-The trolley stops at Perkins Cove and it’s a fun way to get around Ogunquit!


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