A Drive on the Kancamagus Highway

New England is all about nature and simple pleasures.  The Kancamagus Highway (known to locals as ‘The Kanc’) is a gorgeous scenic drive along Rt 112 in New Hampshire and people flock to this road, especially in summer and fall.  The 35-mile drive will take you from Conway to Lincoln through beautiful spots that will draw you out of your car to take pictures.  The word “highway” is misleading since it is more of a 2-lane road that winds back and forth next to a river bed, with mountains surrounding it and trees creating a canopy above you. 

Here are some highlights of the drive:


Lake Opechee Inn and Spa

My kids are so fun to travel with, but every once in a while, it’s nice to be alone to relax.  Since the end of the school year is full of obligations, I thought this would be a great time to rejuvenate before the final stretch of school, and the Lake Opechee Inn and Spa was the perfect place to go.  I couldn’t have imagined how relaxed I would feel when I left. 

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Maple Express at Charmingfare Farms


When you think of March in New Hampshire, the first thing that comes to mind is maple syrup!!  In fact, the New Hampshire maple industry produces close to 90,000 gallons of maple syrup annually.  However, this phenomenon of Mother Nature is dictated by weather, not calendar.  It is the freezing nights and warm days that make sap flow, so it can begin in late February and run into early April.  The magic is that no one can predict what the season will bring.  Charmingfare Farms, in Candia, NH, offers a fun way for your family to experience sugaring on a working farm.  This farm has been a favorite spot for my family since our kids were young, but we had never done the Maple Express.  It was such a pleasant way to spend the afternoon and I would strongly recommend taking this tour.  Let me show you how we spent our day.


Port Inn, Portsmouth, NH

The Port Inn, Portsmouth, NH


Portsmouth, New Hampshire is one of my favorite coastal towns in New England.  The town is dear to my heart because we had our wedding reception in town and since then have created many family memories here. Portsmouth is only an hour north of Boston and just over the bridge from Maine.

When looking for a hotel in Portsmouth, location is key.  The Port Inn is centrally located and has amazing accommodations for the entire family.  Please click below to read all about our stay at the Port Inn.


Portsmouth Restaurant Week


The seacoast town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a must-see destination in New England.  Historic buildings, quaint shops, and charming galleries are around every corner.  With over 100 locally owned businesses, it is the perfect town to enjoy a stroll during any season.  Portsmouth is only an hour north of Boston and just over the bridge from Maine.  Every night of the week you can find live music and there are several theaters in town. 

However, many people come to Portsmouth for one main reason…the food!  This port town has become a culinary destination for people searching for trendy dishes and creative cocktails.   With so many places to choose from, your only dilemma will be deciding which to try first. Restaurant Week has become an experience every foodie awaits, and 2016 will not disappoint.


Castle in the Clouds


New Hampshire has many special places to view the colorful change of foliage.  At Castle in the Clouds, in Moultonborough, you will be transported back to the early 1900’s to the home of Thomas Plant.  However, do not rush straight up to the castle, take your time and make a few stops along the way. 

What is the first stop? Well…


McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center


In Concord, NH there is a great place that is a tribute to 2 New Hampshire space pioneers: Alan Shepard, America’s first astronaut to travel into space, and NASA’s teacher-in-space, Christa McAuliffe.  This small discovery center is filled with many hands-on activities that teach families about space.  It is a fun place to spend a few hours.  A few of our favorite experiences included:


Currier Museum

Currier Museum of Art

Southern New Hampshire residents have a gem of a museum right in our backyard. The Currier Museum, located in Manchester, is the perfect way to spend an afternoon filled with culture.  The museum has a large collection of American and European art.  They even have a Picasso as well as a Monet.  The paintings are well labeled and at times there are even detailed place cards displayed that you can use to better understand what you are looking at. 


SEE Science Center

SEE Science Center Mytravelingkids.com

The SEE Science Center is located in one of the beautiful old mill buildings in Manchester, NH.  It consists of 2 floors of hands-on exhibits that cater to toddlers as well as older kids.  I loved that each activity explains the science behind it, as well as encourages kids to make a hypothesis or align the activity to a part of their lives. 

 Kids will have so much fun exploring topics such as force, light, sound, electricity, simple machines, and much more.  My girls were entertained for 2 hours and could have kept going. It is a fun place to use your creativity (pretending the submarine is under attack) while also getting out some energy (pulling yourself up with a pulley).  It is a great place that will hold the attention of both kids and parents and is filled with activities you can enjoy together.


Want a Winter Adventure? Muddy Paw Dog Sledding

Dog sledding at Muddy Paw in Jefferson NH


One of my Travel Bucket List activities was dog sledding but I always thought I’d have to go to Alaska for the experience.  That’s when I discovered Muddy Paw.  Located in Jefferson, NH, this amazing experience will make you want to sign up for the Iditarod.  Ok…that may be pushing it… but you will definitely fall in love with sled dogs and be in awe at how intelligent, hardworking, and snuggly they can be. There was not one dog that was not friendly.  My girls still talk about Blue and Jack!