7 Days in Iceland…an Itinerary Full of Adventure

Iceland is the new IT place, and for good reasons.  Waterfalls, hot springs, glaciers, icebergs, and some of the nicest locals around make it the perfect family destination.  If you’re looking for amusement parks, you may as well stop reading this.  Iceland will get you up close with nature and push you to find your inner explorer.  Although there are tons of tour companies, I would definitely suggest renting a car.  Driving is so easy in Iceland and we stopped so many times to take pictures and go off the beaten path.  Here is my itinerary for 7 adventurous days in the land of fire and ice:


Spend the day getting to know Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. 

First stop is the Viking Museum.  Although it is a little gory, it’s a good way to learn how the Viking culture influenced Iceland throughout the years.  Your admission comes with a headset to do a self-guided tour.

Lunch: Head down to the water and have some amazing seafood while enjoying a backdrop of mountains and ocean.

Time to get out on the water.  Take a Puffin Tour to see a breeding ground of these adorable little guys. (Book in advance)

Spend the rest of the afternoon wandering the streets of Reykjavik.  You might want to buy an iconic Icelandic sweater.


10 Tips for Doing the Blue Lagoon with Kids

When many people thing of Iceland they immediately think of the Blue Lagoon.  Pinterest is flooded with pictures of this amazing man-made geothermal pool.  It is a great way to start or end your vacation since it is so close to the airport and the whole family will have fun there.  Here are 10 tips on doing the Blue Lagoon with kids:


Jokulsarlon, the Iceberg Lagoon, Iceland

Jokulsarlon, which translates to “glacier river lagoon” is one of the most breathtaking sights I’ve ever seen.  The icebergs originate in Vatnajokull National Park, where huge pieces of icebergs break free and linger in this lagoon until they drift off into the sea.  My whole family consider this to be one of our coolest days in Iceland.  (No pun intended!) Here’s my plan for a fun day at Jokulsarlon:


Tips for Doing the Golden Circle, Iceland, With Kids

When you’re in Iceland, the Golden Circle is a must-do activity.  There are plenty of guided tour groups that do the circle, but the only way I would do it is with a rental car so you can stop along the way to explore.  The circle can be done in a few hours and is a short distance from Reykjavik.  Here are some tips for doing the Golden Circle with kids:


Puffin Boat Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Before we went to Iceland, we talked about our top “must-do” activities and my daughters chose to see some adorable, colorful puffins up close.  Their colorful beaks and speedy wings make them such interesting birds.  Little did we know that each year about 30,000 puffins come to a tiny island was only a 15-minute boat ride from the city.  We decided to use Special Tours , since it is the original puffin tour out of Reykjavik.


Exploring the Southeast Coast of Iceland


Iceland has so many amazing places to explore.  One of our favorite days was when we drove along the southeast coast, stopping to see some of nature’s best pieces of art.  We spent the day hiking into a valley to find a hidden swimming spot, climbing waterfalls, and even walking behind one.  Here is my itinerary for a perfect day in Iceland:


Reykjavik in 1 Day with Kids


If you have one full day to explore Reykjavik, Iceland, you may want to get an early start because there is so much to explore in this port town.  I decided I wanted the city to be about culture and the countryside to be about nature.  Here is my itinerary for a full day of fun for the entire family: