Puffin Boat Tour, Reykjavik, Iceland

Before we went to Iceland, we talked about our top “must-do” activities and my daughters chose to see some adorable, colorful puffins up close.  Their colorful beaks and speedy wings make them such interesting birds.  Little did we know that each year about 30,000 puffins come to a tiny island was only a 15-minute boat ride from the city.  We decided to use Special Tours , since it is the original puffin tour out of Reykjavik.

The beautiful boat sets sail from the Old Harbor in Reykjavik.  As we pulled out we saw the snow-capped mountains as our backdrop and the harbor disappeared into the distance. 

As we headed towards the island we passed lots of beautiful coastal views.

The boat, Skulaskeid, is a beauty and was built in 1959.  The staff aboard was knowledgeable about the birds and also the surrounding areas. We learned that the puffins we were going to see were called Atlantic puffins, one of three types of puffin in the world. 

Our 15-minute ride took us to Akurey, the island where hundreds of puffins were soaring overhead and perched on the shore. 

We also got to see many puffins in the water.  They take a while to get out of the water when they take off, so you can get a good look at them.

They stopped the engine as we got close to shore so we could get a better look at the puffins without scaring them. These migratory birds come to this island each year to lay their eggs.  As we headed back to the docks, we sat back and enjoyed the stunning coastal views of Iceland. It was a lovely way to spend an hour on the water.

Tips for Planning Your Day

-Bring a long-distance lens or a camera with good zoom capabilities.

-The boat provides binoculars so you can get a close-up view.

-Dress in layers because it can get cold out on the water.

-There is a bathroom on board.

-The crew would love to share their knowledge about the birds, so feel free to ask them any questions.

-Special Tours also offers whale watches and fishing tours and scenic rides.

Tours offered daily from May 1- August 20

Duration: 1 hour (The perfect amount of time for young children.)

Cost: Adults $50  Children 7-15 $25  Under 7 are free!

-Website: http://www.specialtours.is/puffin-watching


A warm thank you to Special Tours for having my family as guests of your puffin tour.  It was a highlight of our trip.  As always, all experiences and opinions are 100% my own. 

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