How to Feel at Home while Traveling


One reason people sometimes give about why they don’t like to travel is because they hate the feeling of being away from home.  Traveling is about the unknown, and that makes some people uncomfortable.  The trick is to bring a piece of home to you…wherever you are.  Here are 10 tips that may help you cure your cause of homesickness:

1.     STICK TO YOUR ROUTINE.  If you work out every morning then you should head to the fitness room.  If you have a bedtime ritual, don’t’ let being in a hotel stop you.  Bring your face wash and makeup removal, read a book, and make some of your favorite herbal tea.

2.    DON’T FORGET YOUR STUFF: Bring items from home, like your pillow, blanket, or favorite mug.  Download tv shows that you usually watch. 

3.    DINNER: Ask for a recommendation for a place to eat where you will fit in.  If you’re alone, no romantic restaurants.  Choose somewhere that has a welcoming atmosphere where you won’t walk away feeling ignored. 

4.    UNPACK: When you unpack and put everything in its place, you will feel more settled.  Hang up items that will get wrinkled and use those drawers.  You’ll feel relaxed when your toothbrush has its place.

5.    CALL HOME: Sometimes you just need to hear a familiar voice.  Facetime people at home so you can see their smiling face.

6.    PICTURES: A few pictures of your loved ones can make all the difference.  Put a picture of them on your nightstand so it is the first thing you see when you wake up.

7.    SAFETY: I always feel more at home if I am in a safe location.  Choose a hotel that will provide you with a sense of comfort and safety, even if you have to spend a bit more money.

8.    MAKE THE STAFF YOUR FRIENDS: If you are friendly with the front desk, waiters, doormen, house cleaning staff, and bartenders, you will not feel like a stranger. 

9.    FOOD FROM HOME: Bring your favorite cereal, granola bars, teas, or coffee for breakfast.  Bring a bottle of your favorite wine to enjoy at night.  Staying somewhere with a kitchen?  Make meals you eat at home instead of going out.  When eating out, find a place that serves food from home.  Sometimes a slice of pizza can make all the difference.   

10. GET COZY:  They put those robes and slippers in the closet for a reason.  Slip them on and get cozy under the covers. 


How do you make yourself feel more at home while traveling?




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